August 19, 2012

Walter Putrycz of Wally Wood Shop
Walter Putrycz of Wally Wood Shop
  • BREEZIE MAPLES FARM: Maple syrup, maple syrup products.
  • CORDWOOD ACRES: Vegetables, eggs, handmade soaps, fresh cut flowers; taking requests for fresh rabbit and orders for naturally-raised turkeys for Thanksgiving.
  • ENVIRO-ENERGY: Natural grass pellets for fuel, soil conditioner & mulch; kiln dried pine pellets for animal bedding and cat litter.  Barley pellets to control algae growth in ponds.
  • FIELD OF FLOWERS:  Farm-raised tilapia. Handmade:  goats’ milk soaps and lotions, beeswax candles and soy candles.
  • FISH HOLLOW FARM: Felted wool jewelry, purses, hand-dyed knitting wool, and crafts from farm-raised flock; felted washcloth pouches of goats’ milk soap.
  • FOKISH: Organic, flat, round and long breads and rolls; sourdough.
  • HARPURSFIELD GARDEN CENTER:  Tools, annuals, perennials.
  • KARIN BOWKER:  Hand-crafted household accessories.
  • LILAC HILL FARM:   Special – Felting Show & Tell.  Wet felting beads to make.  Coverlets, socks, knitting worsted from farm-raised flock; hand-felted cards and jewelry; antique linen pillow slips. Blueberries.
  • LOULOU’S FARMSTEAD: Plants: Herbs–100 varieties; Flowers-perennials, annuals; Vegetables-heirloom tomatoes, peppers.
  • NATURALLY SPEAKING: Organic produce.  Blueberries, squash, onions, potatoes, lettuce.
  • NECTAR HILL FARM: Grass-fed on organic pastures: lamb, beef, pork.  Honey, goat and cow cheese.
  • SHERMAN HILL FARMSTEAD:  Artisanal goat and cow cheeses; gluten-free baked goods, freshly made jams, garlic scape pesto; goats’ milk soap made with our goats’ milk.
  • STONY CREEK FARM: Organic eggs, fresh produce, broiler chicken, ground beef, ground lamb.
  • TWO-TON FARM: Organically grown heirloom vegetables; shiitake mushrooms; pies are always a possibility; hand-forged implements and hooks and surprise freebies!
  • WALLYWOOD SHOP:  Handcrafted cutting boards using local hardwoods.
  • WILD MOUNTAIN APIARY: Raw and heated wild flower and buckwheat honey; honey products.