Local Laws – Town of Franklin NY

Local Laws, Ordinances, and Resolutions — Town of Franklin — Delaware County, New York State

2020Local Law #1Real Property Tax Exemption for Cold War Veterans
2016Local Law #1Flood Damage Prevention Law
Local Law #2Opt Out of Section 487 of NYS Real Property Law
2015Local Law #1Governing the Sale, Application, and Disposal of Waste Associated With Oil and Natural Gas Exploration, Extraction and Storage Activities
2012Local Law #1Flood Damage Prevention Law. (Repeals 1987-1)
2010Local Law #1Licensing of Dogs.
2007Local Law #1Wind Energy Facility Law.
Local Law #2To provide for the administration and enforcement of New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code State Energy Conservation Construction Code. (Repeals 1987-2)
2004Local Law #1To provide for prior written notice of highway defects.
2001Local Law #1Waive residency requirements for code enforcement officers.
1998Local Law #1To change the date of hearing complaints for real property assessments to the 1st Wednesday after the 4th Tuesday in May.
1996Local Law #1To appoint an assessor. (Repeals 1971-1)
1991Local Law #1Declares intent to maintain the desirable rural character of the Town of Franklin.
1990Local Law #1To provide for the publication of ordinances and local law by summary.
1987Local Law #1For flood damage prevention as authorized by the NY State Constitution, Article IX, Section 2, and Environmental Conservation Law, Article 36. Repealed by 2012-1
Local Law #2For administration and enforcement of the NY State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code. Repealed by 2007-2
Local Law #3To prohibit the operation of dumps and dumping, and to provide for penalties for the violation of this law.
1986Local Law #1To provide penalties for offenses against the subdivision regulations.
Local Law #2Relating to the harboring of wild or exotic animals.
1984Local Law #1To promote the public health, safety and general welfare and to minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions in specific areas.
Local Law #2Local law in relation to the alternative veteranÕs exemption from real property taxation.
1981Local Law #1Relating to the defense and indemnification of Town officers and employees.
Local Law #2To regulate mobile home parks. (Repeals 1965-1)
????????????Adopt (by resolution) the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Act Code. Superceded by 1987-2 & 2007-2
1977Local Law #1Environmental Quality Review Law.
1975Local Law #1Building Permit Local Law establishing special flood hazard district and non-hazard district.
1972Local Law #1To regulate the operation, driving and insuring of snowmobiles within the Town of Franklin.
1971Local Law #1To provide for the retention of elected assessors in the Town of Franklin. Superceded by 1996-1
1970Local Law #1Regulating the assembly of persons within the Town of Franklin. Any gathering in excess of 5000 people requires a written permit.
Ordinance #2Code of Ethics Ð Ordinance establishing standards of conduct for officers and employees.
1965Ordinance #1(?)House Trailer, Trailer Park and Tourist Camp Ordinance. Repealed by 1981-2
1964NYS Town Law was amended to allow towns to pass local laws and ordinances.
1960ResolutionEstablishment of a water district in hamlet of Treadwell.
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