Farmers’ Market – August 4, 2013

Wheat Hill Farm - cooking gyros photo
Wheat Hill Farm – cooking gyros
  • BREEZIE MAPLES FARM: Organic maple syrup & maple syrup products.
  • CORDWOOD ACRES: Young whole chickens, Yukon Gold potatoes by the pound & 5-lb. bag, French green beans (haricot vertes), raspberries, beets, baby carrots, fresh herbs, honey, sunflowers, live baby rabbits, hand-cut bars of goat milk soap & goat milk lotion.
  • ENVIRO-ENERGY: Natural grass pellets for fuel, soil conditioner & mulch; kiln dried pine pellets for animal bedding and cat litter.  Barley pellets to control algae growth in ponds.
  • FOKISH: Organic, flat, round and long breads–sourdough, multi-grain.  Croissants and sweet rolls.
  • LE MARAIS CHOCOLAT: Organic Fair Trade gluten-free cookies & scones, brioches, pastries, macaroons, chocolate truffles.   Freshly made crȇpes.
  • NATURALLY SPEAKING: Dandelions, kale, parsley, squash,  potatoes, shallots, lettuce, green onions, arugula, blueberries, and potted lilies.
  • NECTAR HILL FARM: Grass-fed on organic pastures Highland beef, lamb and mutton. Turkey cuts.  Raw honey.  Goat and cow cheese.  Fresh sprouts. Samples of a new line of sheepskin fashion and home accessories.
  • SHERMAN HILL FARMSTEAD:  Artisanal goat and cow cheeses; gluten-free baked goods, freshly made jams; goats’ milk soap made with our goats’ milk.  Portobello mushrooms.  Peaches.
  • STONY CREEK FARM: Naturally raised pork–chops, roasts, ribs, sausage–and produce.
  • TWO-TON FARM: Beets, onions, basil, greens, kale, garlic, camomile, calendula, metal implements.
  • WALLY WOOD SHOP: Hand-crafted cutting boards using local hardwoods.
  • WHEAT HILL FARM: Eggs; rabbit, herbs, fresh grilled gyros, lemonade, ice tea.