Franklin Local Minutes – February 2014

Franklin Local Meeting • February 20, 2014 • Marjorie Kellogg’s Home

Present: Ellen Curtis, Carole Marner, Gene Marner, Marjorie Kellogg, Helen McLean, Vicki Davis, Hank Stahler, Trish Tyrell – Quorum established.

Secretary Report: 

Trish did not have previous meeting minutes (December 2013), but reviewed notes from last meeting.

Tax Exempt Status:

We need to get our NYS Tax Exempt Status.  Gene will request of Brian Brock the Articles of Incorporation, Receipt of Incorporation, Bylaws and 501(c)3 paperwork.


It was questioned whether the mass mailing was worth the cost.  Helen suggested running the mass mailing for at least a year to determine if it is impacting interest and demand for the paper.  Gene will speak with the Post Master about the cost difference between having the Post Office mail the papers and having the printer mail them for us.  It was suggested that perhaps we print less papers (we usually print 2000), however, we would need to determine the price difference, if any, in reducing numbers.  The next edition will be mailed to Franklin and Treadwell zip codes again.  Copy deadline 2/28.

Discussion held about views regarding allowing statement from Constitution Pipeline to be published in article.  Ellen Motioned to allow for the statement to be published, Helen 2nd.  Motion carried with two ‘nays’ (Carole and Gene).

Treasurer’s Report:

Ellen reviewed the Profit&Loss report for January-December 2013, and provided an updated balance sheet for November 2013.  Our total income in 2013 was $1,406.59.  Ellen will be preparing a report for government submission.

Farmers’ Market:

A poster is currently being selected.  There is an impressive piece of artwork by a local youth that is being considered for a post card to sell at the market at well.

Chamber of Commerce:

Ellen and Helen went to the last meeting.  Meetings will be held at the Train Museum, but this past one was held at Rich’s Auto Body Shop.  They discussed business of the year and annual dinner items.  The next meeting is 2/26 at 7pm.  The website is  Helen is working  on the website and has a screen up that website is under construction.  Discussed possibility of writing an article in the NFR inviting new chamber members to join.  Trish will continue research to do a short presentation on a shop local initiative.

FL Website:

Images of Franklin to be put on the web, as well as personal statements.  Trish will ask Nieshia Mitchell if she is interested in getting Treadwell Community Items on the FL website calendar.

Municipal Energy Coop:

Discussed possibilities in achieving this, and alternative municipal coops for other forms of energy such as propane.  Will continue to be an item of discussion and research.

Community Concerns:

Discussed recent suicide of FCS youth. There is some parental and community dissatisfaction with how the school handled the situation (they did everything required, but it is not nearly enough) and lack of interest in doing anything beyond minimum standards.  Discussed possible workshops and programs that could be facilitated for youth to really work through some of the issues around suicide, bullying, etc…as both a preventive and cathartic measure.   Helen will contact a colleague/friend who has had experience with these programs.

Next Meeting:

March 20th, 2014, at 7pm (6pm potluck dinner) at residence of Ellen Curtis.