For Sale: Constitution Pipe

High-quality, U.S.-made, never-used

By Brian Brock

Due to the cancellation of the Constitution Pipeline project last February, the now-excess inventory of pipe is available for purchase — over 96 miles of it. This 30″-diameter line pipe is suited for a range of uses including: pipe for culverts, gas transmission, and water; or pilings for bridges, buildings, transmission towers, and moorings.

“All of this line pipe is double-submerged and arc-welded, with material test reports available for every foot,” said Chad Farrell, managing director of Tiger Commercial & Industrial Dispositions of California, which is managing the sale. “This sale presents a unique opportunity for commercial buyers looking to leverage the secondary marketplace to purchase line pipe manufactured by top-quality U.S. mills.”

The pipe was rolled by Berg Pipe in Panama City, Florida or Dura-Bond Industries in Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

One of more than a dozen such racks of pipe in Supply Yard 5, Guilderland Center, New York. Photo by Tiger Group.

The line pipe on offer includes: 332,000 feet with 0.529″ thick walls, 177,000 feet with 0.562″ walls, and 1,700 feet with 0.750″ walls. The vast majority of the over 12,000 lengths of pipe are 40 feet long. Such lengths weigh from three to five tons each. The walls are controlled micro-alloyed carbon/manganese steel. The micro-alloys elements are mainly niobium, vanadium, and titanium. This X70 pipe is a premium grade piping material that meets American Petroleum Institute 5L-0476 standard specifications with a minimum yield strength minimum of 485 Mpa or 70,300 psi.

All pipe is coated with fusion-bond epoxy and an abrasion-resistant coating. An industry group recommends that anti-corrosion epoxy be exposed for only six months, but this pipe has been sitting exposed to the elements for almost six years. In addition, there are a few hundred lengths that are additionally coated with concrete.

It has been several years since a comparable amount of unused, 30-inch line pipe has come on the U.S. market, Farrell noted, and because all of the inventory was domestically produced, it meets the requirements of the federal Buy America Act as well as those that are often in place for city, town, county or state contracts.

All the half million feet of pipe will be sold FOB Albany, New York. (Free on Board means that the buyer takes liability at time of purchase and is responsible for shipping.) This pipe is stored at an industrial yard in Guilderland Center just west of Albany. The sale partners have an on-site crew and front-end loader available to load the pipe onto buyer’s train cars or trucks. Cutting and welding are also offered for dead lengths if needed. The yard where the material is stored includes an active rail spur and is also paved, which allows loading even under wet conditions.

Guilderland Center is only 90 miles from Franklin down I-88. When else will you have a chance to buy this quality of steel at surplus prices? The possible uses are endless. Or just own a piece of history from a time when people-power triumphed over two Oklahoma companies that tried to run roughshod over New York landowners to profit from selling Pennsylvania gas to Canada.

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