Music at the Market: How Did We Do?

Report by Lynne Kemen

The market ran from May 26 to October 13. That’s twenty-one Sundays!

This was our thirteenth season, and the first year that we applied for and received grant funding to pay our musicians. We thank the A. Lindsay & Olive B O’Connor Foundation, the Roxbury Arts Group Decentralization Grant, and the Delaware County Tourism & Promotion Development Grants.

We compiled 451 responses to our survey and here’s what we learned.

1. How often do you attend?
Once a month378%
2. Number of attendees
(As it was more challenging to get people with children to fill out the survey, this number is under-represented)
3. Suggestions? Most frequent requests:
more hot food vendors
more vendors
more homemade crafts
more fruits and vegetables
show local art
(And there were requests for non-local fruits and vegetables or for items not available in the current growing season. Generally, a farmers’ market requires that the produce be from a hundred-mile radius of the market. So, no avocado is likely to be local in Delaware County – or asparagus in August!)
4. Did the entertainment make a difference in the decision to attend?
(Other included ‘No Answers’ or “No, but I like the music.”)
5. If Yes to Q4, how did it make a difference?
Responses were mostly positive. Most common: Enjoyment, Positive ambience, Fun
6. How would you like to be notified about Music at the Market?
Direct Mail5311%
Social Media14730%
Doesn't matter16936%

Thanks to all who participated in Music at the Market, whether as a musician, a member of the audience, a volunteer. We look forward to seeing you next season.

You can follow us on Facebook: Franklin, NY Farmer’s Market

If you are interested in participating in Music at the Market, please contact:

Trish Tyrell, Market Manager
Franklin Local, Ltd.
PO Box 258
Franklin, NY 13775

Musicians at the Farmers’ Market

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