Franklin Town Board – March 5, 2013

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Download PDF copy of Franklin NY Town Board Minutes – March 2013

The regular monthly meeting of the Franklin Town board meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by Supervisor Don Smith. Present were Arthur Swenson, Jeff Taggart, Don Smith, Highway Superintendent Mark Laing and Paul Warner. Also present were William Young, Jamie Archibald, Pete Bevilacqua, Linda Bevilacqua, Dwight Bruno, Gene Marner and Carole Marner. Absent were Garrett Sitts and Susan Fairbairn.

The minutes from the February 5, 2013 meeting were read. Jeff Taggart made a motion to approve, Arthur Swenson seconded the motion and all present agreed.

Highway Superintendent Mark Laing opened bids on a stainless steel box. Four companies bid as follows:

  1. Tracey Road Equipment…..$39,558
  2. Viking Caves USA ………$43,50l.16
  3. Wayne’s Welding ……….$40,426
  4. Oneida County …………$39,409

Jeff Taggart made a motion to accept Oneida County’s bid, Arthur Swenson seconded it and all present agreed.

Mark Laing continued with his report noting a need to remove trees that snapped off on the cemetery property next to the school bus garage. He would like to contract this work out. The board agreed this would be a good idea.

Mark discussed the roads will once again need to be broomed in April and therefore the department needs to rent a broom for $2,250 for a month. Jeff Taggart made a motion to approve renting the broom, Arthur Swenson seconded it and all present agreed.

Mark mentioned the last 3 projects for FEMA were in the final stages and CHIPs funding is now in place with small redaction (a couple hundred dollars). Highway employees will be attending safety training April 9th in Walton.

There have been a number of blackouts in recent years. When the electric is off, it is impossible to use the fuel pumps, the radios do not work and lighting is a problem in the town building. Mark requested an estimate from Trimbell Electric to address these issues. The estimate included he following:

  1. Generator transfer Switch for old shop….$975
  2. Install new circuits from existing generator to break room to power lights, base station for radios and chargers for handheld radios…..$250
  3. Replace existing exit lights with LED exit/emergency light combination fixtures with battery backup. . . .$475
  4. Rewire existing outside wall pack lights to accept compact fluorescent bulbs…$375 After discussion, Jeff Taggart made a motion to approve all but (#1) the generator. transfer switch for the old shop. Arthur Swenson seconded the motion and all present agreed. It was agreed that Mark get more information on the future needs for a generator and come back with more information.

Next month (April 2nd) there will be bids on many items for the highway department.

Mark also discussed Lifescience will be testing the landfill next week. This is required every 5th quarter. There was a small price increase on this process.

Arthur Swenson reported on the December 12th water testing done. Spectrum Analytical used the wrong bottle for testing. Therefore the State is giving Franklin a monitoring violation. There is no fine attached to this violation and the fault lies with the company who did the testing for the town.

Arthur also reported about the AL Kellogg School property in Treadwell. In the next two weeks, the transfer request will be sent to Otsego County judge to make a decision regarding the transfer of land and funds from Delaware Academy to the town of Franklin.

Jeff Taggart reported on the Planning board. He discussed the wind farm proposal, the Herklotz tower needed a $10,000 tear down bond. A special use permit is contingent on the bonds being in place. Town clerk will need to keep two separate files, one for Pesout and one for Herklotz.

Vouchers #59 — #115 were submitted for audit and payment.

There being no further business at 9:05 p.m. Jeff Taggart made a motion to adjourn, Arthur Swenson seconded and all present agreed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cindy Pinney
Deputy Town Clerk

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