Franklin Town Board – March 3, 2015

The text version of the minutes in this post was created with optical character recognition (OCR) software. While every attempt has been made to verify the text, accuracy is not guaranteed. Please refer to the PDF version of the minutes in the link below to see an exact version as received from the Town of Franklin.

Download PDF copy of Franklin NY Town Board Minutes – March 3, 2015

The regular monthly meeting of the Franklin Town Board was held at the Treadwell Fire Station and called to order at 3:20 p.m. by Supervisor Jeff Taggart.

Present were Don Smith, Garret Sitts, David Grant, Lisa Huyck, Supervisor Jeff Taggart, High Superintendent Mark Laing , Paul Warner and attorney Joseph Ermeti. Also presesnt were Jason Starr, Michael Zurn, John Alessi, Anna Sea, Rose Cleaveland, Cynthia Beach, Betty Fischer, Cathy McNulty, Jan Mulroy, Edmond Rinnooy-Kan, Wendy Barckhaus, Pete Bevilacqua, Linda Bevilacqua, Donald Hebbard, Shirley Ferguson, Deb Tuthill, Dave Tuthill, Nancy Barnes, Paul Schmitt, John Alessi, Cheryl Petersen, Roger Reed, William Young, Jamie Archibald, Wes Sitts and reporter Scott Payne.

The minutes from the February 3, 2015 meeting were read. Garret Sitts made a motion to accept the minutes as read. David Grant seconded the motion and all agreed.

Lisa Huyck read a letter written by Stephen Hood from Delaware County Emergency Services. He indicated that he found Columbia Gas Transmission, which has a compressor station in Hancock, was an excellent group to work with when it came to first responders and gas emergencies. He indicated that the gas companies are open to training first responders in the community.

Jeff Taggart and Bill Young went to the Hancock compressor station unannounced and did not find the station to be very loud.

Concerns were again stated about the various health and noise issues related to compressor stations and the construction of the pipeline.

The Board was asked about a noise ordinance being adopted for the town. Jeff stated at this time no action would be taken.

A letter from Franklin Village Mayor Tom Briggs to the DEC Division of Environmental Permits was read. Mayor Briggs expressed his concerns about the possible harm done to the water supply springs on Bissell Hill during and after the construction of the Constitution Pipeline.

The Highway Superintendent was asked about divisible load permits and if there will be a bond issued for the potential road damage. Mark stated that core samples would be taken and video/pictures would also be done. The roads that will be affected are Bissell Hill Road, Otego Road, Rich Road, Grange Hall Road and Chamberlain Hill Road.

No news was reported from the Recreation Committee.

David Grant made a motion to rent a broom. Garret Sitts seconded the motion and all agreed.

Mark Laing stated that a engineering study needs to be completed for the gravel permit. A motion was made by Don Smith that the low bid could be awarded the contract. David Grant seconded the motion and all approved. Two garage doors for the town sheds need to be replaced. Don Smith made a motion to accept the bid from The Overhead Garage Door Company for $3,525.00 per door. Garret Sitts seconded the motion and all agreed.

Mark will advertise for bids for liquid calcium chloride, trucking of stone, fuel oil and pipe.

Vouchers were submitted for audit and payment.

With no further business to come before the Board, Garret Sitts moved for adjournment at 5:30 p.m. David Grant seconded the motion and all agreed.