Park Progress in Treadwell

Residents of the hamlet of Treadwell have reached agreement with the Delhi Board of Education to transfer to the Town of Franklin the fields, playground, and tennis courts on the flood plain behind the new school building. These fifteen-plus acres would come with $920,000 to be put in trust for related expenses. The school property has been surveyed for subdivision, splitting off five acres including the building. Delhi will retain this smaller piece and attempt to sell it.

Treadwell NY School
Bird’s eye view of the Treadwell School property (photo:

The Franklin Town Board held a public meeting on this transfer and its terms on January 10th at the Town Garage. A dozen or so residents attended and raised questions about the details of the transfer. If the trust becomes exhausted, can the Town sell the property? The northwestern boundary is along the creek, but will it be the ever shifting creek itself or some fixed line? The access road will be shared with the owner of the school building, so how will that work? With these and other issues unresolved, the Board has yet to vote on accepting accept this gift. Assuming the Board agrees, then the residents of the Delhi school district will vote on the transfer.