Your Neighbor’s View

To the Editor:

I am responding to a recent article by Brian Brock. [“Franklin River Walk”, Summer 2019]

I do believe that the concept is a fine idea for an area dedicated to nature and nature hikes. What I would oppose is the inclusion of all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes. Those mechanical devices, though enjoyable to those that have them, are a detriment to nature. In the winter, snow mobiles would also be a detriment to nature. You can’t have both machines and people hiking or cross-country skiing on the same trails and the latter hoping to experience nature. They do not reasonably mix.

For people that are physically immobile, there should be an allowance for their use of a mechanical device to enjoy the experience in a quiet and respectful manner.

If the proposed trail is carried out to fruition, how will its intended use be regulated and controlled? People, as we know them, will do what they can get away with and act in the way that suits their desires. Will a position of ranger be created to carry out this task? 
I own a property that is on the opposite side of the Creek and bounded by Walley Rd. We like to enjoy the peace and quiet there and the opportunity to witness various wildlife. That is, until the ATV’s and dirt bikes are active on the opposite side of the creek. On the past Memorial Day we were serenaded all day by the roar of a number of dirt bikes on the opposite side of the Creek. Not the serene atmosphere that we were hoping for.

My hope is that as the planning for this trail progresses, all aspects of its use and regulation will be carefully considered to ensure its proper use and the protection of its neighbors.

Thomas Hodges