A Message From Our School Superintendent

Dear Franklin Community,

We hope this message finds you well, now that we are over a month into the 2020-21 school year at Franklin CSD. Please know that we fully appreciate all the support and cooperation from our students, parents/guardians, families, and community members to get the school year up and running in such a positive way. Assistance from outside the school has been a key to our success thus far. We are hopeful that the year will continue to be both safe and productive as we move forward.

It has been a true team effort within the district, with everyone playing an important role in the process. All FCS employees had a chance to provide input regarding our preparation and planning for reopening, which forced us to consider a wide range of variables in multiple areas of responsibilities. I want to take a moment to highlight the great work that has been done across the board.

First, our directors and administrators are thoughtfully implementing our reopening plan while still being reflective and open to potential adjustments as needed. Our facility/custodial department is efficiently and effectively disinfecting the building on a daily basis. Each week, nutritious meals are being prepared for both in-person and remote students by our food service department. Also, our transportation department is following all necessary protocols for getting students safely to and from school in a timely manner. Over sixty computer devices have been distributed by our technology department for use at home, along with troubleshooting for numerous issues. Our students and families are continually supported academically, socially, and emotionally by our counseling department. Additionally, our faculty and staff are providing learning opportunities that maximize the potential of our students while continuing to build positive and trusting relationships. Helpful information is provided by our secretaries to answer questions or concerns. Lastly, all health concerns are being handled by our school nurse in accordance with the regulations provided by New York State or Delaware County.

Please join me in recognizing and thanking everyone involved for working together to put our students in the best possible position to be successful. I am proud to be the superintendent in a district that has met the challenges of the last six months with understanding, flexibility, and professionalism.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at any time with questions, concerns, or ideas.


Brad Zilliox
Franklin CSD Superintendent