Author name: Brian Brock

Brian Brock is a geologist and associate editor of The New Franklin Register. He lives in Franklin, NY.

With Power Comes Responsibility

The several parts of our local government each have their own powers and responsibilities. The Board of Education teaches our children. The Fire Department and EMS aid us in emergencies. The Highway Supervisor maintains and improves the roads. The Town Justice judges the accused. The Town Clerk keeps records, collects taxes, and issues licenses.

Warning: Compressor Station Ahead!

Franklin residents may have not imagined that a finished Constitution pipeline would be much of a problem – unless they are landowners along the route. It would be just a hundred foot wide clear-cut stretching ten miles across Franklin from Route 357 west of the East Sidney Dam to Route 28 up on Franklin Mountain.

Double Trouble

Just one #&$!! pipeline after another… The market for natural gas in the northeastern U.S. is out of balance. There is too much supply in northern Pennsylvania and too much demand in New England. As a result, those producers are being paid much less than their consumers are paying. One solution is to add pipeline …

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Moratorium Morass

Almost six years ago, our state government made it practical for large drilling and fracking operations to begin in New York. None have, as of yet. Back in 2008, the Department of Environmental Conservation slipped through the legislature a seemingly inconsequential bill. It amended the list of spacing-units for oil and gas drilling in New …

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Running on Empty: Shale Gas in the Southern Tier

by Jerry Acton and Brian Brock Future production of shale gas from Marcellus wells in New York has been hyped by industry lobbyists, leasing coalitions, and the Division of Mineral Resources (DMN). In reality, the producing region would be small and production modest. Four features of the shale largely control gas production within the Marcellus: …

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