But for the Grace of God

We have all seen someone somewhere at sometime and wondered.

Why doesn’t she go on a diet? Or she would not be obese if she exercised more.

Some may have thought more distasteful thoughts.

A few might have thought, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

In one such case, most will never know that Kaeleen has suffered a devastating debilitating disease. A disease that went undiagnosed for many years.

For fifteen years, she sought answers to her deteriorating health and unexplained weight gain. You could see her weight gain was unusual by the places it formed on her body. Her face got round and a large amount formed on her upper back, while her legs and arms got smaller. All those years she endured the stares and knew what people were probably thinking.

Few knew that in 2013 she overcame thyroid cancer. Even fewer knew that In 2015 she developed DVT blood clots in her legs and a blind spot in her vision. When she had to leave her job, some thought she was just too obese or lazy.

In reality, she had been suffering from a tumor in her pituitary gland deep in her brain. Even with this evidence from a MRI, the doctors misdiagnosed her. For another four years she continued to fight the symptoms. During this time people seemed to pull away as she also pulled away from attending events. Imagine her isolation. Imagine the years lost to a disease that was slowly killing her. Yet she persevered and convinced a doctor to examine her records and do some more extensive testing.

As devastating as it was to be diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, it was also a relief. A relief to know her weight was not her fault. It was due to the hormones her tumor was secreting.

Now she had a diagnosis and was looking forward to surgery and better health. But it was not to be. Not just yet.

Here is where you all come in. Kaeleen still faces surgery. Her expenses have been mounting and she could use a little support. A call or note of encouragement. A prayer for her and maybe one of gratitude for yourself.

Please consider a donation to help Kaeleen during this trying time for her and her family.

If you would like to help Kaeleen, you can find her go fund me page at:

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