DEC Hearing – Oneonta NY – January 13, 2015

Bill Huston’s video of the DEC hearing in Oneonta is linked to here:

Jeff Taggart’s comments may be found in Part 1 of 4 at timecode 20:40.

See link to Playlist at upper left of video, you can skip to other parts from there.

If you don’t want to look at all four hours, you can scroll through the videos by dragging the button at the bottom of the screen and looking out for commenters you want to hear in the thumbnails that appear as you scroll.

For your convenience, I’ve also made a list of some commenters of possibly local interest together with the timecodes at which they spoke:


Part I

Jeff Taggart 20:40
Carole Marner 31:25
Gene Marner 34:40
Felix Bridel 37:30
Anne Marie Garti 54:15
Larry Bennett 57:15

Part II  
Dennis Higgins 05:00
Rachel Soper 07:35
Ray Marsh 16:00
Loddie Marsh 17:55
Thomas Collier 28:00

Part III  

Pete Bevilacqua 02:55
Linda Bevilacqua 08:20
Barbara Loeffler 15:10
Robert Nied 34:30
Craig Stevens 37:20
Stuart Anderson 45:35

Part IV 
Ron Bishop 03:00
Mike Stolzer 10:40
Keith Schue 20:05
Norm Farwell 23:15
Cathy McNulty 26:30
Julie Huntsman 29:50
Bill Huston 32:50


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