Demon On Wheels

The NY Premiere of the movie Demon On Wheels, a film about Delaware County folks, starring Delaware County people, produced and filmed around Delaware County and edited by Anthony Breuer in Treadwell, NY. The screening will be a benefit for the Treadwell, Walton, Roxbury and Arkville volunteer fire departments. There will be a question and answer session with the director and stars after the screening. Come one, come all.

Re-born To Be Wild!

Join us at the Walton Theater at 5:00 PM on July 26th for the NY premiere of DEMON ON WHEELS, a documentary feature film, about an old outlaw and the monstrous Mustang of his wild youth!

Synopsis: Mike Ondish, a former speed demon and rum runner, now an older mechanic in the sleepy Catskill Mountains town of Margaretville, risks it all — his health, his business, even the love of his long-time girlfriend, Martha — when he vows to restore and race the prized car of his wild youth, a 1968 Ford Mustang, that’s been hidden away for 35 years. Now in the sunset of his life, Mike Ondish rebuilds the Demon as a tribute to his idol, Carroll Shelby, and chases racing glory one last time, rekindling the spark in his relationship, and rediscovering the thrill of a fast car and the wide open road.

Filmed and edited over seven years in Delaware County, DEMON ON WHEELS follows Mike and Martha on the long quest — but will love outrun a fast car?

Demon on Wheels mustang