Franklin Local Minutes – December 2013

Franklin Local Meeting • Handsome Brook Farms • December 5, 2013

Present:  Hank Stahler, Gene Marner, Carol Marner, Brian Brock, Betsy Babcock, Bryan Babcock, Marjorie Kellogg, Ellen Curtis, Trish Tyrell, Vicki Davis

Quorum Established.  October meeting minutes were reviewed.  Ellen motioned to accept the minutes, Marjorie 2nd, unanimously approved.

Secretary Report

Trish reported that thank you letters for donations to Jack Beal Memorial Fund were mailed.

Town Update

Brian reported that the last Town Board meeting was very short, and there was no highway report.  Of note, Brian reported that Mark Tuthill will no longer be the Town Code Enforcer, and that Mark Jacobs may replace him.

Chamber of Commerce Update

Brian reported that Anne Burgin is working on the Chamber’s website that has historically had many problems.  A vote for business and person of the year will be taking place soon.  They are preparing for their Annual Dinner, and may consider the new Tulip and Rose (per Brian’s suggestion).  The next Chamber meeting is 1/8 at 6pm at Dawn’s Deli.  Trish will attend this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Ellen provided balance sheets.  There is currently $3,715.38 in the bank.  Total Assets equal $4,617.44.  For 2013, so far, the net income of Franklin Local has been $669.30.  $427 was spend on new tents for the Farmers’ Market.  P&L sheets show a $318 surplus for FL Corp.  Gene suggested to possibly vote at next meeting to donate surplus toward legal fund for Stop the Pipeline (Constitution).  The Farmers’ Market shows a $265.67 surplus, and the NFR has an $85.57 surplus (plus $75 from recent payment not accounted for in this report, totaling $160.57 surplus).


Brian reported that we have our Non-Profit status, and papers now need to be filed for NYS tax exemption.  This process is a simple for requiring a lot of documentation.  Carol stated she will help with the activities.


Vicki was nominated for another 3 year term as a FL trustee (Hank has 1 year left, Trish has 2).  Officers nominated are Brian Brock (President), Gene Marner (VP), Ellen Curtis (Treasurer), Trish Tyrell (Secretary).  Marjorie motioned to accept the slate of officers and trustees as is, Carol 2nd, unanimously accepted.


It was reported that we may have new members included Sandra Beal and Lisa King.

NFR Distribution

More than 900 printed NFR copies were distributed through the 13775 (Franklin) and 13846 (Treadwell).  The cost was $150+/-.  Brandon O’Connor may know some new potential writers.

Franklin Infrastructure

Pipelines- The Constitution is awaiting FERC to finish the EIS.  Leatherstocking still hasn’t answered any requests for a presentation to the Franklin Town Board.

Powerlines: EDIC will run parallel to the current Marcy South.  Oakdale will run from Binghamton to Fraser, and then Fraser to Cooperstown.  The PSC has been in receipt of all applications for these projects.

Windfarm:  this project seems to be taking a “back seat” at this time.

Holiday Market

The Holiday Market is set for 12/14/13 from 12-4pm.  Carla Nordstrom is setting this up.

Tulip & Rose

Closing on former Beehive building today.

Food Hub

Betsy reported that she is raising money through Rockethub.  East Handsome Brook Farms currently ship to 5 grocery chains. Betsy and Bryan are building a barn and planting 15K blueberry bushes.  The barn will have a 16X20 walk-in cooler and community kitchen.  They are hopeful that this structure and business can also help support smaller farms by aggregating produce to be sold at wholesale to grocery markets and local restaurants.  May also be able to set meats and cheese.

New Projects

Bylaws: Brian and Hank will continue to work on these.

Franklin Forum:  New old Franklin Day?  A local Non-Profit day of gala?

Strategies for community organizing.

Possibly seek information on a municipal energy coop.  Gene will try to contact Leon Calmus in Oneonta.

Next Meeting

January 16, 2014 at Ellen Curtis’s home