Franklin Town Board – May 7, 2019

A video recording of this meeting is below.

The regular meeting of the Franklin Town Board was called to order by Supervisor Jeff Taggart at 7:31 PM . Present were Jeff Taggart, Garret Sitts, David Grant, Donnie Smith, Dwight Bruno, Mark Laing and Paul Warner. Also present were Ernie Cawley, William VanGardner, Tracey Howland, Roger Reed, Pete Nero, Carl Lobdell, Tom Briggs, Chris Downin, Brian Brock, Kelly Kingbury, Amanda Groff, Carson Dutcher, Matthew Dyke, Sara Andros, Tony Breuer, John Peterson, Dave Ohman, Don Hebbard and Jim Basile.

The minutes were read from the April 2, 2019 meeting. Garret Sitts made the motion to approve the minutes as read. David Grant seconded the motion.

Jeff asked for a moment of silence for Don Smith.

David Tuthill gave a report on the Franklin Kellogg Trust. Their accounts did well over the winter. They are using Velton’s Lawn Service again this year for mowing. They have started a new program called callemall which will automatically call numbers with a message.

Amanda Groff spoke for the Recreation Commission. She asked that since the town gets 2 positions from the Youth Bureau if they could use them for lifeguards as the school can’t use one this year because of asbestos removal. The Recreation had a very big expense repairing the pool last year. Garret Sitts made the motion that the Recreation Commission can use both positions and will share with the town and village as needed. David Grant seconded the motion.

A letter was received from Mike Wallace thanking the Town for repairing the issues with his road.

Mark Laing reported that an inspection was done on the gravel banks and all passed. He took care of notifying bid winners from last month. CHIPS money will be the same as last year. They will start paving as soon as possible depending on weather. He is hoping to connect the paving from Christian Hill Rd. to Gibson Hill Rd. They are also going to put up guardrails probably on Jackson Hill. He also reported that the Qualified Abandonment of a portion of Beebe Road and all of Dumond Road is complete. There is a copy in the Town Clerk’s office if anyone wants to see it.

David Ohman presented some more options for the town offices.

William VanGorder from NBT Insurance presented their proposal for insurance of $ 30,157.62. Donnie Smith made the motion to accept the policy and Dwight Bruno seconded the motion.

Paul has the Standard Workday Resolution complete. Garret Sitts made the motion to accept the resolution. David Grant seconded the motion.

Donnie Smith said he had talked to Brian Sickler about the sidewalk in front of cemetery. They discussed breaking up the existing sidewalk and using peastone instead of sand under the larger stones. He also said that the family was asking for donations for the sidewalk or the Delaware County Black and White in memory of his father, Donald Smith in lieu of flowers.

David Grant made the motion for board to go into executive session at 9:07 P.M.

Donnie Smith made the motion to come out of executive session at 9:45 P.M.

Vouchers # 183-228 were presented for payment.

With nothing more to come before the board Donnie Smith made the motion to adjourn at 9:45 P.M. David Grant seconded the motion.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sonja Johns, Town Clerk

Video Recording of meeting: