Franklin Town Board – December 1, 2015

The text version of the minutes in this post was created with optical character recognition (OCR) software. While every attempt has been made to verify the text, accuracy is not guaranteed. Please refer to the PDF version of the minutes in the link below to see an exact version as received from the Town of Franklin. A video recording of this meeting is below.

Download PDF copy of  Franklin NY Town Board Minutes – December 1, 2015

The regular monthly meeting of the Franklin Town Board was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Supervisor Jeff Taggart. Present were David Grant, Don Smith, Lisa Huyck, Supervisor Jeff Taggart and Paul Warner. Absent was Garret Sitts. Also present were Carol Konkle, Caleb Zuk, Trevor Jacques, Jamie Archibald, Roger Reed, Louise Corsover, Shirley Ferguson, John Wilson, Bill Young, R. A. Cairns, Jessica Reed, Betty Fischer Fischer, Tony Breuer, Epifano Bevilacqua, and Don Smitn.

Tne minutes were read from the November 1, 2015 meeting. There was a correction to read .7% increase for theFire District. David Grant made a motion to accept the minutes with the changes. Don Smith seconded and all present agreed.

There was nothing new to report from the Planning Board.

Delta had their training session with the Town Representatives on November 19, 2015. The training was informational and went well.

Jeff Taggart and Lisa Huyck audited the court’s records. A resolution was passed that everything was found to be in order.

Jeff Taggart brought up the roundabout at the intersection of State Highway 357 and State Highway 28. The NYS DOT would like the approval of the Town Board before starting the project. Mike and Beth Howland will be the most affected by this change. They initially stated that they were not in favor of the roundabout with the by~pass. Don Smith made a motion to approve the roundabout with the by-pass with no construction to be done during the winter months. David Grant seconded the motion and all present agreed.

Don Hebbard wants to know if the Town Board is concerned about the new compressor plans NED. Jeff told Ty that an informational meeting should be held in Franklin.

Brian Brock is concerned that the town people will not be informed about the start of construction.

Jamie Archibald said that the new box is on the truck. We are still awaiting the delivery of the new pick-up.

With no other business to come before the Town Board, Don Smith made a motion to adjourn. David Grant seconded the motion and all present agreed.

Video Recording of meeting: