Franklin Town Board – October 4, 2016

A video recording of this meeting is below.

The regular monthly meeting of the Franklin Town Board was called to order at 7:35 P.M. by Supervisor Jeff Taggart. Present were Jeff Taggart, Garret Sitts, David Grant , Donnie Smith and Dwight Bruno, Deputy Highway Superintendant Jamie Archibald and Paul Warner. Also present were Roger Reed, Pete Nero, Pete Bevilacqua, Brian Brock, Bill Young, Ken Walter, Jesse Hilson, Patricia Tyrell and Tony Breuer.

The minutes from the September 6, 2016 meeting were read. Garret Sitts made a motion to accept the minutes with the change of the word cycle to cylinder regarding the generator for the Town Shed. Dwight Bruno seconded and all agreed.

The Town received a letter from Assemblyman Clifford Crouch acknowledging that he had received our letter regarding Frontiers Communications slow repair times.

Ken Walter gave his final report for the Kellogg/ Franklin Trust as he is retiring at the end of October. They will be replacing benches and purchasing security cameras.

The books for the Court were audited on September 24, 2016 and everything is in order.

Daryl Drayton may be stepping down from the Planning Board. Anyone that would be interested please get in touch with Jeff. It would be greatly appreciated.

Jamie Archibald reporting for the Highway Department, they have done 3 miles of paving and 5 miles of chip-sealing under the CHIPS program. Mark Laing would like a resolution to pay CHIPS bills when they arrive. Garret Sitts made a motion to that effect and David Grant seconded the motion. All present agreed. Mark is working on quotes for a new truck. Mark would also like to keep the excavator for one more month. The current lease is up on October 7th, 2016. They would use it for ditching, stump removal and road widening. Donnie Smith made a motion to keep the excavator for one more month. Garret Sitts seconded the motion and all agreed.

Auction bids2003- 1 Ton truck$6900.00
Plow #1$300.00
Plow #2$420.00

Dwight Bruno made a motion to accept the bid for the 1 Ton Truck. David Grant seconded and all agreed. Garret Sitts made a motion to re-list the two plows. David Grant seconded and all agreed. They will let Marianne Kiraly know that they are going to list the pellet stove on the auction site.

Jeff reported that the Planning Board has several items to come before them this month. A wind turbine test tower permit, Shaw’s motorcycle repair shop and the recycling center at the intersection of Highways 357 and 28S.

Paul Warner highlighted the changes in the proposed 2017 Budget. The Public Budget Hearing will take place on Wednesday November 9, 2016 at 7:30 P.M. Garret Sitts made a motion to adopt the preliminary budget. David Grant seconded the motion and all agreed.

Brian Brock would like to see the Board change the Code of Ethics.

Pete Bevilacqua would like the solar project for the school move forward. He should contact the School Board regarding this matter.

The tower on Ed Klug Road could be open for cell towers after the Emergency Services are up and running.

Dwight Bruno received a phone call from Frontier about our complaints. They are upgrading with fiber optic lines currently. They would be willing to come to a Board meeting.

There is a 175 acre parcel on Russell Road that is in the Susquehanna and New York City watersheds. New York City is looking to purchase this parcel. Should the Town Board be voicing our concerns about this. Jeff will talk to Dean Frazier to find out who we need to send a letter to state our objection to this purchase. Dwight Bruno made a motion to object to the purchase. Garret Sitts seconded the motion and all agreed.

With no further business to come before the Board, Garret made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:50 P.M. David Grant seconded and all agreed.

Video Recording of meeting: