A Record of Recent Votes by the Franklin Town Board

Actions by the Franklin Town Board
5/05/15Sell motor from parts truck at auction YYaYa
5/05/15Accept bid for culvert from Chemung Supply at ?YYaYa
5/05/15Rent model 2007 excavator for two months at $3,490/monthYYaYa
6/02/15Adopt Local Law 1-2015 *YYaYY
6/02/15Accept Standard Work Day ResolutionYYaYY
6/02/15Accept bid for Air-Flo dump box from M & C Truck at $45,150YYaYY
7/07/15Appoint Dawn Ritz as Town ClerkYYYYY
8/04/15Rent excavator for an additional month at $3,500YYYYY
8/04/15Buy 2016 Dodge RAM 5500 at $51,179 4WDYYYYY
8/04/15Appoint Jan Schlafer as Deputy Town ClerkYYYYY
8/12/15Appoint Cheryl Sacco to write road use law at $1,500YYYYY
8/12/15Hire Delta Engineers of C & G to prepare RPP at $7,000YYYYY
9/01/15Rent excavator for an additional month at $3,500YYYYY
9/01/15Hire Delta Engineers to prepare RPP at $6,400YYYYY

Y = Yes, N = No, A = Abstain, a = absent

*   Local Law 1-2015, Governing the Sale, Application, and Disposal of Waste Associated With Oil and Natural Gas Exploration, Extraction and Storage Activities

Note:  Monthly motions to accept minutes and adjourn meeting are not included