Maywood in the Pandemic

By Darryl Loker

The Maywood Historical Group of Sidney Center, Inc., made the decision last spring not to open the Maywood Depot for 2020. This meant there would be no Ice Cream Socials, family gatherings, potluck dinners, or parties during the summer months. The decision was based on being unable to set up for social distancing or make sure that everyone would be safe.

The Maywood Depot

Closing the Depot for the year meant that there would be no income from the ice cream socials that we have relied on for over twenty-five years. This income always paid the electric and heating costs. The trustees voted to use our back-up emergency fund, built up from profits over the years, to pay these bills for 2020. Since announcing the closing, the Group has received several unsolicited donations which are greatly appreciated.

But life goes on and certain things must still be done. The Group thanks members Bob King and Lynn Roof for keeping the grounds mowed and the trimming done despite the summer closure. With the help of Larry Mott, they also painted the outside of the Depot. Great job, guys! It really looks nice.

The Group has heard from several people how much they missed the gatherings and the music at the Ice Cream Socials this past summer. The Maywood Historical Group looks forward to 2021 and hopefully getting back to some kind of normality.

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