Franklin Town Board – August 2, 2016

A video recording of this meeting is below.

The Special Meeting regarding the proposed Law #2, opting-out of the automatic exemption provided for solar, wind and farm waste energy systems was called to order at 7:30 P.M. by Supervisor Jeff Taggart. Present were Supervisor Jeff Taggart, David Grant, Dwight Bruno, Donnie Smith, Highway Superintendent Mark Laing and Paul Warner. Absent was Garret Sitts. Also present were Roger Reed, Pete Nero, Carla Nordstrom, Andy Bobrow, Brian Brock, Tony Breuer, Liz Serrao, Jerry Hebbard, Don Hebbard, Jamie Archibald, Ken Walter, Abby Butler, John O’Connor, Stuart Anderson and Bill Young. Absent was Garret Sitts.

The Town has been advised by Attorney Cheryl Saco to opt-out of this exemption. There are concerns that this will also apply to homeowners who use any of these energy alternatives. Are the School and Village also opting-out of these exemptions.

At this time the Board will table opting- out of this exemption.

A motion was made by Donnie Smith and seconded by David Grant to close the Public Hearing at 8:30 P.M. All present agreed.

The minutes from the July 5, 2016 meeting were read. Donnie Smith made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Dwight Bruno seconded the motion and all present agreed.

The Rec. Commission reported that all has gone well this summer. There will be yard sales on Old Franklin Day.

Nothing from the Planning Board. No meeting in July or August unless needed.

Jeff read a letter from John Anderson thanking the Town for taking care of the Methodist Society Cemetery. Mark Doring mowed it before July 4th and will do it again around Labor Day. Jeff will see if the Town can get some assistance from the County in the future.

Ken Walter reported on the Trust. They will be getting new benches for the Commons. The audit will once again be done by Sonja Johns. There will be revisions to the election qualifications for the Kellogg Franklin Trust.

Mark Laing reported that on September 5th, they will be doing more paving on Case Hill, Stockman and East Handsome Brook Roads. They will also be doing more chip sealing as soon as they can on Jackson Hill, Gay Brook, Tupper Hill and Carey Roads. The Muni-body should be here on September 9th and they are getting everything ready to put it on. They should be able to get a 10 ft. plow a bit cheaper due to an over-stock.

Dwight Bruno is wondering if we could pass a resolution in response to Frontier being very slow to respond to the needs of Franklin residents when they are without phone service. It could have detrimental results if someone had a medical emergency.

Jeff Taggart was contacted by William Vernold from the Town of Hancock. He would like Franklin to support opening Bear Season earlier in the fall. David Grant made a motion to pass a resolution to send a letter to DEC and the Town of Hancock supporting their pursuit of an earlier Bear Season. Donnie Smith seconded the motion and all present agreed.

With no further business to come before the Board, Donnie Smith made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 P.M. David Grant seconded and all present agreed.

Video Recording of meeting: