Franklin Town Board – December 2, 2014

The minutes of the December 2, 2014, Town Board Minutes are posted below this audio recording of the meeting.

The text version of the minutes in this post was created with optical character recognition (OCR) software. While every attempt has been made to verify the text, accuracy is not guaranteed. Please refer to the PDF version of the minutes in the link below to see an exact version as received from the Town of Franklin.

Download PDF copy of Franklin NY Town Board Minutes – December 2, 2014

The regular monthly meeting of the Franklin Town Board was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Supervisor Jeff Taggart. Present were Don Smith, Lisa Huyck, David Grant, Garret Sitts, Supervisor Jeff Taggart, Deputy Highway Superintendent Jamie Archibald and Paul Warner. Also present were Dale Downin, Brian Brock, Carla Nordstrom, William Young, John Cloonan, Nancy Cloonan, Jack Law, Donald Hebbard, Gene Hebbard, Elizabeth Serrao, Shirley Ferguson, Ralph Sitts, Phylis Sitts, Sonia Johns, Dale Beach, Cindy Beach, Linda Bevilacqua, Pete Bevilacqua, Cheryl Petersen, Patricia Wheelhouse and Dwight Bruno. Absent was Highway Superintendent Mark Laing.

The minutes from the November 7, 2014 meeting were read. Don Smith made a motion to approve the minutes as read. David Grant seconded the motion and all agreed.

Don Smith, David Grant, Garret Sitts, Dale Downin and Jack Law were given a tour of the compressor station located in Hancock. Dale Downin, the Delaware County Code Enforcement Officer measured the noise level of the station at the outside of the entrance to the facility. The reading of the noise level at that location was 26 decibels, which was not very loud. Jack Law indicated that the facility was well kept and was not excessively loud outside of the building.

Residents expressed their concerns about the air pollution generated by the compressor station. Also there were concerns about the possible level of noise because the proposed compressor station is considerably larger than the station in Hancock.

Supervisor Jeff Taggart indicated that he would be meeting with Delta Engineers, Architects and Land Surveyors to consider using their engineering services for the establishment and implementation of a local road protection program.

Deputy Highway Superintendent Jamie Archibald reported for the Highway Department. The CHIPS paperwork has been submitted. The Town did not purchase the grader at the auction as it sold for more than what the Town was willing to pay.

Vouchers were submitted for audit and payment.

With no further business to come before the Board, Garret Sitts moved for adjournment at 8:30 p.m. David Grant seconded the motion and all agreed.