Franklin Town Board – December 4, 2018

A video recording of this meeting is below.

The regular meeting of the Franklin Town Board was called to order by Supervisor Jeff Taggart at 7:30 P.M. Present were Jeff Taggart, Garret Sitts, David Grant, Donnie Smith, Dwight Bruno, Mark Laing and Paul Warner. Also present were Dave Tuthill, Mary Burns, Tony Breuer, Mike Wallace, Ella Davison, Chris Davison, Gail Robinson, James Carmody, Pete Nero, Roger Reed.

Dawn Ritz submitted her resignation as of November 30, 2018. Garret Sitts made the motion to appoint Sonja Johns to finish Dawn’s term as Town Clerk, Tax Collector and Registrar. David Grant seconded the motion. All present agreed.

The minutes were read from the November 7, 2018 meeting. Garret Sits made the motion to approve the minutes as read. David Grant seconded the motion.

A resignation letter was received from Julia Lockwood, dog control officer, effective December 19, 2018. We will start looking for a replacement.

Dave Tuthill gave the report from the Franklin Kellogg Trust. Their next meeting will be April, 2019.

Video Recording of meeting: