Franklin Town Board – November 7, 2018

A video recording of this meeting is below.

The public hearing was opened for the 2019 Franklin Town budget was opened at 7:29 P.M. by Supervisor Jeff Taggart. With little discussion the public meeting was closed. Garret Sitts made a motion to go into the regular board meeting, seconded by David Grant at 7:33 P.M. Present were Jeff Taggart, Garret Sitts, David Grant, Donnie Smith, Dwight Bruno, Mark Laing and Paul Warner. Also present were Gary Arndt, Brian Brock, Don Hebbard, Tony Breuer, John Peterson, Dave Ohman, Jamie Archibald, Roger Reed, Molli Opramolla, Carol Jensen.

The minutes were read from the October 2 and October 16, 2018 meetings. David Grant made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Donnie Smith seconded the motion. All present agreed.

Dave Ohman and John Peterson gave more information on the addition to building.

Mark Laing reported the tree was taken down in the cemetery by Asplundh. The Brush tractor is here. The winning bid was $55,000.00. New hours for town workers is Monday – Friday 5am-1:30 pm. CHIPS money is all filed. Will be getting back $414,405.00. Utility body is here and stocked.

With restoring $500.00 to the library from 2019 budget we need to take $115.00 from something to keep under the cap. After a discussion it was decided to take from registrar. Garret Sitts made a motion to pass the 2019 Franklin Town Budget. David Grant seconded the motion. All present agreed.

A letter was received from Tina Burnham with a concern with the condition of Russell Road. Mark Laing will respond to her.

Jeff reported that the planning board had a property line adjustment on Poet Road.

Dwight told that the Franklin Kellogg Trust was having a meeting on Thursday November 8 at 6:00. Delhi Telephone will be there to answer questions.

Garret Sitts made the motion seconded by David Grant, to put an ad in the Walton Reporter for sealed bids for the pellet stove and pellets at the town garage.

With nothing further to come before the board David Grant made a motion, seconded by Garret Sitts to adjourn at 8:17 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Sonja Johns, Deputy Town Clerk

Video Recording of meeting: