New Franklin Register #43

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Issue #43 – Vol. XV No. 2 Summer 2021 – 20 pages with ads (download the full issue in color, PDF 7.7MB)

    • Driving While Black, A Conversation with Gretchen Sorin – Alexis Greene
    • Pandemic Wanes – Brian Brock
    • Head Start: What Is It? – Shirley Ferguson
    • A Touch of Sweden in Otego – Carla Nordstrom
    • Where Horses Get to be Horses – Cat Gareth
    • Your Neighbor’s View: Why I Am Running for Town Board – John O’Connor
    • Letter to the Editor – Susan Barnett
    • Why the Franklin Party – Andy Bobrow
    • Franklin Local Wants You! – Staff Report
    • The Mayor’s Corner – Tom Briggs
    • Gardening Friends – Deborah Banks
    • Peruvian Grilled Chicken with Cilantro Sauce – Carla Nordstrom
    • A Working Walk in the Village Park – Photos by Tony Breuer
    • Assessment Equity in Delaware County
    • The Last Pipeline Update! – Brian Brock
    • Join Us at the Franklin Farmers’ Market 2021 for Food and Fun!!
    • Franklin Central School Seniors, the Class of 2021 – Compiled by Lynne Kemen
    • A Question of Value: What’s Your House Worth Now? – Susan Barnett
    • Book Review: Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo – Reviewed by Lynne Kemen
    • Librarian’s Picks – Wendy Barckhaus
    • The Letter by Amy Lowell – Submitted by Bertha Rogers
    • So Long Franklin Farmers’ Market – John O’Connor
    • Keith Haring: Radiant Vision – Jack Siman
    • Your Town Government, Part II: Rules and Regs of Public Meetings and Appointments – Brian Brock
    • Recent Real Estate Property Sales in the Town of Franklin