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By Carole Marner In the spring of 2012, we began to hear about the Constitution Pipeline.  People in Sidney were alerted first and the word soon spread.  In northern Pennsylvania the population around Montrose began to realize that a new compressor was being added to their community.  Doing some research, they discovered that it was to be …

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Frack Addicts by MARQUIL

Totally Fracked!

By Eugene Marner What the Landmen Don’t Tell About Shale Gas and Money When discussion about drilling for natural gas in our neighborhood began a few years ago, many understandably saw dollar signs in their future. But it turns out that, along with the environmental dangers, there are many financial perils that come with fracking. …

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Map of Proposed Leatherstocking Pipeline

Construction Ahead!

By Brian Brock The rural landscape of Franklin could soon be crisscrossed with construction zones for several major infrastructure projects. The Constitution Pipeline would create a work corridor 100 to 125 feet wide, running 9.4 miles along the northwest border of our town from Sidney to Davenport. For this natural gas transmission line, the revised …

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Conflicting Views: Oxford’s No Frack Zone Pits Village Against Town

by Richard A. Lacey and Irving Wesley Hall On February 5th, our Oxford Village Board voted 4 to 1 – a super-majority – to pass an amendment to its zoning laws, prohibiting industrial activities within the village. That fourth “yes!” vote meant that Oxford Village has banned fracking – a decision that under New York …

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