Town of Franklin Board Meetings 2020

Town of Franklin Board meetings are generally the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm (at 6:00pm during winter months) at the Town Garages in Franklin (in Treadwell every 3rd month).

See this schedule on our calendar.

(Meetings are on Tuesdays unless otherwise specified; time is 7:30pm except during the winter months when meetings are 6:00pm.)
January 76:00pmFranklin
February 46:00pmFranklin
March 36:00pmTreadwell
April 77:30pmFranklin
May 57:30pmFranklin
June 27:30pmTreadwell
July 77:30pmFranklin
August 47:30pmFranklin
September 17:30pmTreadwell
October 67:30pmFranklin
November 4
December 16:00pmTreadwell
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